To strengthen bee populations and their relationship with humans at UCLA and the surrounding community through habitat restoration, education, and research.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Promote and maintain healthy bee populations along metrics of

    1. Diversity

    2. Population Size

    3. Ecosystem services

  2. Provide opportunities for innovation through

    1. Research

    2. Entrepreneurship

    3. Environmental Project Technologies

  3. Educate on the importance of bees

    1. Environmental

    2. Economic

    3. Sentimental and Spiritual

  4. Empower our community

    1. Participate in and promote the local economy

    2. Educate on and implement economic independence/resilience through community partnerships, equitable sustainability, and local economy

  5. Professional Development and Equity

    1. Provide leadership opportunities and career pathways in sustainability

    2. Inclusive to all affiliations, including students, staff, faculty, and local community members

    3. Inclusive to all levels of financial need

  6. Export Vision

    1. Provide resources for individuals and organizations to further our mission

    2. Partner with and promote individuals and organizations that align with our mission


Founded in 2018. First native hive 2019. First honey hive 2021. Merged with Bruin Apiary in 2021.


Board Members

Rucha Deshpande


President & Head Beekeeper


Randy Nguyen


Vice President


Kimberly Smart


Event Co-Director


Felicia Wang


Event Co-Director

sam lin.png

Samantha Lin


Project Director